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What makes or breaks businessES & LiVES

Whether you are a particular, a company, a coach, or a therapists…

It’s a shame that in an attempt to grow your business and improve your life, you find yourself spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on useless programs and motivational seminars that give you little to no results…

…When there’s little known and dirty secret that, once revealed, can so easily make you and your team take real action, grow your bottom line, and live stress-free without changing anything external.

In The Power Integration Center, we have been calling that little secret for more than 27 years as ‘The Power Paradox”.

And those 3 words are the invisible force that has been responsible for your successes and failures in business and life…

So before we reveal you how this is manifested in your life and how to solve it forever, let’s make something clear:

We have been doing this for a long time, so read the following information super carefully, because this is about to change it all for you.


Years Stablished

Program Participants

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Have you ever found yourself…

Have you ever found yourself thinking, behaving, and emoting in unconscious, subtly self-sabotaging ways during the most pivotal moments in life?

Maybe just before a critical moment, everything broke down.

That’s not bad luck. It’s The Power Paradox in action.

Have you ever wondered why in spite of buying so many programs and courses, your employees and workers don’t implement the knowledge and instead are now failing in a fancier way?

The Power Paradox.

Even more… Do you want to know the main reason why your relationships break down… In business and personal life?

Once again, The Power Paradox.


It might sound unbelievable or oversimplistic, but that’s what we have been helping our clients with for more than 27 years. 

And in the end, it turns out that 97% of the problems you can have to lead a company, maintaining relationships, or as a professional come down to the way your subconscious reacts based on the Power Paradox.

To put it bluntly, trying to develop intimacy, relationships, lead, manage, and live stress-free without having solved this issue is like keeping pressing the accelerator with the handbrake on at the same time while wondering why ‘your people don’t take action’, ‘why your deep relationships are not as deep as you would like to, and why you can’t take off the guard (aka feeling stressed all day living in survival mode).




 With the right tools and support, you can rewire your brain, behaviors, and emotions to respond to ambiguity, complexity, and stress, to execute under pressure.

That way, the next time you find yourself in critical moments, under pressure, amidst rapid change, in complex, diverse settings… You will respond from a place of POWER, instead of control.

That’s what we have been doing for more than 27 years at the Power Integration Center, and after seeing thousands of people who were desperate to know WHY they didn’t perform…

WHY when they were required to unleash their power they blocked…

WHY although having all the information they didn’t execute it…

And WHY you felt anxious and stressed on your day to day…

We can say that it wasn’t your fault.

You were trapped in an internet full of filler seminars and programs that are only useful once The Power Paradox is out of play.

That’s why our clients are able to achieve such results. You are not broken. You just didn’t know this little secret.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for deeper relationships, higher bottom lines, or easily manage your team.

You can drive consistent high performance, liberate your soul, and amplify everything and everyone you touch with these simple Power Centered tools.

After taking our programs and getting rid of The Power Paradox, our researchers found 25-50% improvements in retention in the first 12 months, 2-10X increase in productivity in under 6 months; 800-1400% improvements in revenues, profits, and margins in 12-24 months; 60% higher engagement; and reduced their grievances by 32%. 

That’s why we do what we do. And after seeing thousands of transformations averaging the numbers you say above, we are here to tell you that you are not alone.

You aren’t trapped.

You are enough, RIGHT NOW, as you are.

And after all these years, chances are that you have only left this one step to unleash your true self and lead your life and business with ease and effectiveness.

Not from a place of controlling the environment and getting frustrated every time you, your clients, or your employees don’t behave as expected, but from a place of TRUE Power.


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Become impactful, influential, and irreplaceable to those who matter most so that you can live, lead, and love consciously.

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Drive profit, performance, and progressive culture in your organization through a platform that integrates with your current operations and LMS.


Generate profound results, profit, and impact for you and your clients through a complete ‘business in a box’ model and 8 comprehensive certifications that drive a 6 figure income in the first year.

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take a look at the average results OF OTHERS just like you



Our clients experience 25-50% improvements in retention in the first 12 months; saving one global client $2.1M in annual turn over costs in just 15 months.




Our clients improve key performance indicators by 2-10X in under 6 months resulting in up to $70MM added to the bottom line for one technology client.




Our clients have seen 800-1400% improvements in revenues, profits and margins in 12-24 months.




Companies with high engagement have 2.5X more revenues than those with low engagement. Our clients have double the engagement scores of their competition.


+75 pts.

in culture scores

Our clients experience across the board increases in culture scores to the tune of 75 pts. within 1 year.


+25 pts.

IN customer experience

Our clients improved their customer experience scores by 25 pts. in just 3 months.



Less Grievances

Our clients reduced their grievances by 32% with an average savings of over $250,000 annually.


15% OFF

In your first training

Take advantage of this exclusive first time offer and start getting similar results.



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We can write 890 pages of copy explaining this, but at the end they will look for certainty in social proof. So I suggest loading this page of them.


Choose the group you feel more identified with and explore our programs to select the best fit for you

Still not 100% sure on where to start?

 If your gut says that this is something that must happen, but you’re lost on our 27-year-developed process… Then jump on a quick call with our team to see which of these programs are a good fit for you.

And yes, we said a discovery call that is in your best interest. You won’t find a sweaty stressed salesman on the other side trying to pitch you.

We will listen to your needs, and if we are 100% sure that this will help you, then we will show you the best option for your case.

answers FOR your QUESTIONS

What is actually taught at the Power Integration Center?

It depends on the program you buy. In a nutshell, The Power Integration Center focuses on neutralizing a human dynamic called the Paradox of Power, producing cultures people want to work in, brands customers want to buy from, and profitable businesses shareholders invest in through our transformational programs for individuals and companies, and certifications in form of ‘businesses in a box’ for coaches & clinicians.

How much time does it take to notice results?

As we exposed above, researchers in our company showed that after taking our programs and eliminating the power paradox, our clients noticed 25-50% improvements in retention in the first 12 months, 2-10X increase in productivity KPIs in under 6 months; 800-1400% improvements in revenues, profits, and margins in 12-24 months; 60% higher engagement in their companies; and reduced their grievances by 32%, adding millions to the bottom line and highly reducing operational costs.

How much effort is required to make this work?

Fill answer here

What can we expect to get with your programs?

You’ve got the average numbers above. Whether you are a company or an individual, you can expect a more motivated and action-taking team, smoother leadership from now on, less anxiety and stress, your bottom line growing, your costs diminishing, and a bigger and brighter smile on your face because you finally found the solution to a huge percentage of your problems by a company that actually cares about you and your results 😉

And... How are so sure that you will be able to make it again with us/me?

1. We have been doing this for more than 27 years.

2. Over 15,648 people were asking themselves the same question and we kept delivering incredible results.

3. We’re still not. We only take people and companies on our programs after going through a discovery call to see if we can deliver. So it’s a win-win always. Just click the button below and jump on a call with our team to see if this is a good fit 😉

I've got a team and I'd love to join one of your programs. How would that look like?

Other companies such as  Hilton Grand Vacations, MGM Resorts, Tiffany & Co., and thousands of other businesses have asked the same question. Depending on the program, we will whitelabel our systems and teachings while complimenting it with ongoing block-removing to unlock the true potential of your company and actually see your bottom massively grow.

Who is going to deliver the program to me or my company?

Again, it depends on the program. You will be assigned a team of coaches depending on your requirements, goals, ambitions, and specific characteristics to deliver the best transformational experience.

I've spent A TON of money in programs before with little to no results... How is this different?

First of all, welcome home. We are known in the industry because, unlike motivational-filler programs and seminars, we sell results. Also, we go to the root of your leadership and personal difficulties: The Power Paradox, concept that can’t be taught and fixed by others who don’t even know about it.

Do you have other questions or need assistance?

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