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Traditional Leadership development can be costly, time consuming, and silohed in their approach, yielding shaky, inconsistent results.   We innovated a new approach to leadership development that rigorous scientific studies have proven extremely effective over the past decade.  Learn more about our innovative approach to training and human development that produces measurable results where they matter most! 

Our training leaves your leaders with the wisdom to know what to do, the knowledge to know why they are doing it, the skills to know how to succeed consistently, the versatility to make their own decisions on the fly in diverse settings, and the self confidence, and self efficacy, to execute when business is challenging, complex, or in the middle of a change, and feeling chaotic.

If you’ve ever wondered why you can train leaders, and the results aren’t consistent, or they don’t execute the skills under pressure, this is why:


CORE Based Leadership Development

Real results are determined by how we overcome challenges, navigate change, make decisions, produce results, and engage in relationships.  How we do these things produces every result we experience.  This is what we call the CORE.  Rewire one’s brain, behaviors, and emotions around these core elements, and you affect everything!  All of our leadership development focuses on mastery in these core strategic areas, through an integrative approach that WORKS.

Integrative Human Development

Innovated by our Founder ShannonRae, we integrate the 5 core human development planes into one multi-dimensional learning environment.  This creates an intentional, and consistent, learning environment that approaches – How we emote,  How we behave, How we execute our skills, How we lead, and How we see and relate, into one simultaneous, integrated experience; the way it actually occurs in business and life.  It produces astounding results that stick when it matters most!

Process Learning

Process learning is a very vibrant approach to mastering a combination of knowledge, skills, personal transformation, and self-efficacy, in the moment through real life situations.  This style of training ensures that you experience the method, while learning the method.  Unlike traditional classroom formats, this form of development ensures that learning is relevant, versatile and lasting.  It makes training feel custom designed for the participant, ‘as if’ speaking directly to them, and their problems.  It produces highly adaptable, strategic leaders who can consistently execute when they leave the class room, in complex settings, under pressure, when stakes are high.

Scenario-Centric Experiential

We deliver development in a scenario-centric, experiential format, the way real business actually occurs.  They are done in group settings, providing relational impacts, and deep insights. Imagine a class room where you workout current issues you are facing today, and make in-the-moment transformations, and complete paradigm shifts, that last!  This creates mastery, confidence, and wisdom.  The kind of leadership that can innovate on the fly, respond to business and relationships as they occur, and drive meaningful, lasting results that can be measured.  These are the leaders we all want!
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