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Thousands of people are stepping into Power Centered Living and Leading!


Drive Consistent Results

Without being drained, depleted, and exhausted.

Cultivate Deep, Authentic Relationships

The kind you can count on, that are peaceful, and unconditional.

Liberate Your Experiences

Feel peaceful, powerful, and passionate unconditionally.

Discover what Kind of Leader, Lover, Parent, or Human You Really Are, and Become More Influential, Impactful, and Irreplaceable at Work and in Life!

Science Backed Results For. . .


Become impactful, influential, and irreplaceable to those who matter most so that you can live, lead, and love consciously.


Drive profit, performance, and progressive culture in your organization through a platform that integrates with your current operations and LMS.


Generate profound results, profit, and impact for you and your clients through a complete ‘business in a box’ model and 8 comprehensive certifications that drive a 6 figure income in the first year.

The Paradox of Power

Under pressure, amidst rapid change, in complex, diverse settings…

We think, behave, and emote in unconscious, subtly self-sabotaging ways that leave most people frustrated, frantic, and frozen during the most pivotal moments in life.


During these moments we feel drained, unsafe, and insignificant because we are actually hard-wired to protect, before we produce.  We shut down when we most need to open up, lean in, and perform optimally.  


You can rewire your brain, behaviors, and emotions to respond to ambiguity, complexity, and stress, to execute under pressure, with Power Centered approaches that produce, over Control Centered responses that protect.


You can drive consistent high performance, liberate your soul, and amplify everything and everyone you touch with these simple Power Centered tools.

Years Established


Learn to Respond from Power when it Matters Most. 

With tangible tools you can immediately apply in your practical everyday life.

You aren’t trapped. 

You are enough, RIGHT NOW, as you are. 

The tools are simple and you aren’t alone.

Let’s do this!!


Create the life, relationships, and business that will give you everything you desire without draining your time, resources, and soul.



Drive Results, Impact, and Profits for You and Your clients.

Build a $6 Figure Business with Less than 10 Hours of Weekly Client Delivery in Year 1!

Coaches and clinicians are quickly launching a very diverse business with their clients that produces recurring clients, extraordinary results, and strong profits. 

Cultivate a High Performance Conscious Leadership Culture

Leaders and corporate coaches can white label our technology platform, integrate it with your LMS, and embed our programs directly into your business operations and leadership culture for sustainability and cost effectiveness.

8 Certifications in One Year

You will complete 8 certifications in one year that will allow you to deliver a comprehensive, integrated coaching business to 9 different markets. 

4 Program Models

You will be certified to deliver 4 comprehensive evidenced based programs to 9 different markets that impact the core problems they face.

4 Delivery Mechanisms

You will be certified to deliver 1-1 and group coaching, circles, seminars, retreats, and more!

1 Complete Business in a Box

You are provided the business strategy, pricing, customer journey, lead magnents, sales and marketing tools, sample funnels, brochure, copy for marketing, social, and much more. 

Complete Company Integration

If you are a company you will get all the materials and technology to embed our platform, complete with all programs and products, into your LMS, company operations, and leadership culture. 

Client Testimonials

I AM Powerful program was like getting five years of therapy in eight weeks! My biggest take-away is that when I draw from my internal source of POWER, I am not easily swayed by the external forces in my life. I’ve also learned that when I stand in my power, I cannot be a victim of circumstance. I have choices and this program gave me the verbiage and understanding to navigate these choices. Thank you, Shannon!”

Chris Riggiero

Business Owner

“I felt very supported during the certification process for delivering Agreement Based Accountability. Shannon’s approach to supplying information is thoughtful and intelligent. The certification process not only prepared me in total confidence to deliver the training, but it also ensured that I was in integrity with the techniques necessary to teach from a true sense of embodiment. I loved diving deeper into the concepts of Agreement Based Accountability. It was supportive to experience engaging, real life examples and exercises to how these concepts are experienced amongst the lives of others. I appreciate Shannon  for teaching in a way that really inspired me to live and lead with these teachings in mind.”

Dani Kilpatrick

Embodiment Coach

“This certification on Strengths Based Work, I think has been my absolute favourite.  It opened my eyes and changed my inner being in a way I’m not sure I can describe. The exercises were really creative and unlike anything I’d experienced before. In particular the exercises which seek to move your brain past societal judgements between those roles we have high regard for in our society and those we don’t blew my mind and took my learning to a whole new level.
I left feeling inspired by this work and knowing that without question, I wanted to take it out into my own work with my own clients.
As a facilitator, it’s really experiential in nature, full of practical activities and adaptable so that I can use it in multiple ways be it in my 1:1 coaching, on retreats or in group workshops.”
Amanda Devine

Clinician and Therapist



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