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THe Little-known devil that has been secretly sabotaging your life and business

 Alright. Let’s get real.

You might have noticed that under pressure, in the most pivotal moments of your life, we tend to break down and hold ourselves back.

Think of the last time you had to do something decisive, and in a critical moment, you started to feel highly stressed, your focus narrowed so thin into the problem that you couldn’t even think with clarity, and of course, your response wasn’t the best in that situation.

When leading, it keeps you and your team back from operating at full potential.

In your relationships, it’s manifested through lack of intimacy, poor communication, and power dynamics.

With traumatic experiences, it’s the barrier that stops you from feeling safe again, trusting yourself and others again, feeling strong, confident, and hopeful.

And so on in every other life situation.



And after cooling down, you think…

“Wow, why did I react like that? It was so obvious that I had to do XYZ…”

It turns out that it’s not so obvious.

On the Power Integration Center, we have been calling that invisible demon the ‘Power Paradox’ for more than 27 years.

And it’s been our mission to help thousands of leaders, organizations, professionals, and individuals to learn how to get rid of it so they can operate from a place of TRUE power.

We exist to redefine how power is presented, to lead your life, business, and relationships with flow, living a stress & anxiety free life where you finally feel like you are enough.

0 BS or airy fairy stuff. 100% science-backed results.

That’s why we are trusted by big and small brands such as..


So before we reveal to you how to get rid of the Power Paradox, let’s make something clear.

There is a reason why every program, course, or seminar you attended didn’t get you the results you were after.

And the information we are about to gift you is not for someone who wants to know the next “Big Secret”, or a magical solution that will only kick the real problem under the rug.

So now the path splits into 2 options:

1. You leave this website immediately.

2. You open your heart, are kind to yourself, keep reading, follow the rabbit through the hole, and discover the wonderland where you live from a place of true POWER and all your personal and business goals are met.


“I now create powerful agreements with my
kids, that they are excited about, feel empowered by,  and I feel supported in. It has changed our entire family dynamic!”

“I had no idea I was holding back! I’ve always been a strong, powerful, and direct leader. This gave me the insight to deepen my influence even more

FIND your answers NOW

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Discover how to become impactful, influential, and irreplaceable to those who matter most to you so that you can live, lead, and love consciously.


Learn how to drive profit, performance, a progressive culture, and retain talent in your organization through a platform that integrates with your current operations and LMS.


Generate profound results, profit, and impact for you and your clients through a complete ‘business in a box’ model and 8 comprehensive certifications that drive a 6 figure income in the first year.

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You’re not here by accident.

You are here because every other personal development program, every other course, and every other thing you’ve tried failed you and didn’t get you the results you desired.

You have done it all, you have tried it all, you have read it all, and no matter what you do…

You feel tired, depleted, drained, feeling like you’re not doing and having enough.

You want to:

– Have a purposeful impact,

– Influence what matters most to you,

– Experience ease and simplicity,

– Be irreplaceable to those you love and adore,

– Experience a profitable life and company,

– Have a healthy body, mind, and soul,

– Be a liberated soul,

While feeling peaceful, powerful, playful, and passionate.


But it is not working 

So here’s ‘the reality slap’.

The thought that you are not enough as you are is what’s preventing you from having deep fulfilling relationships, intimate bedrooms, consistent high performance results, lasting impact, harmonious families, a healthy mind and body, profitable businesses and bank accounts, and a liberated life.

That’s why, after going through thousands of self-development trainings you finally fall apart and say:

“Why can’t I be successful”

“Why is this not working for me?”

“Why am I getting the results but it feels so bad?” 

And you are living in survival mode, super stressed, and on the verge of disillusion hoping for a real solution that will give you actual real results.

And you suddenly realize that you have become your own shadow; following an ideal you will never get.

That’s why we are here to tell you that…



…And that’s the Paradox of Power.

Current human development programs cultivate valuable skills and knowledge.

But when you are in a pivotal moment of your life and your heart starts beating louder and louder, your focus narrows to little details, you start feeling the stress tightening your chest more and more, and suddenly you feel so impotent and blocked…

Well, that’s you operating from a place of control. 

Reacting instead of creating. And it feels so bad.

That’s not how you create a life you wake up every day so excited to live.

Stress and survival mode is literally a response of the body to the harrowing feeling lack of control produces.

But once you let that need of control go, and start operating reclaiming your power…

Then all those courses, programs, and books, start to make sense.

Everything starts growing instead of stagnating.

And you finally feel like you’re enough (because you already are), and results start to come in as if you were a magnet to success.

When you finally feel like you don’t need to be…

Someone Else…

Somewhere Else…

With Anyone Else…

Doing Something Else…

Constantly Growing, Evolving, Improving, Providing for, and Producing to be valuable…

…And you realize the power within you…

Well, then you unlock infinite success. Because now you are in power creating the life you want.


Control Centered Life

Growth is stagnated 

  Results require SO MUCH effort, resources, and time that you feel depleted in the end

Results are not consistent. Lots of ups and downs

You can’t rely on your team, your intuition, and you feel unsafe.

You are constantly judging and blaming yourself and others, and you feel extremely frustrated.

You feel isolated (or disconnected, including apathy, disengagement, etc.)

You feel so psychologically overwhelmed that you even think about how this nightmare started.

You are dependent on people and objects

POWER Centered Life

  Everything grows organically and with flow

You feel free and liberated

Things aren’t dependent on you. You get to be YOU

You feel more connected than ever to your spouse, family, business, and to your true purpose

You fear nothing because you are not trying to control it anymore

You effortlessly produce HUGE results

You feel opened instead of closed.

Circumstances lose their power to affect the way you react.

You feel like you are already enough.

“I feel very enlightened, as if everything clicked in,  in an “Oh it all makes sense now!” kind of way! All the books I’ve ever read now make sense and I have the confidence to implement this”

“The 7 Steps of Communication are like
a yellow brick road to healthy, positive
communication and powerful relationships
that produce real results! My relationship
will never be the same.”

START LIVING in your power

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I am an individual who…

Wants to become impactful, influential, and irreplaceable to those who matter most to me so I can live, lead, and love consciously.

We are an organization that…

Wants to drive profit, performance, and progressive culture through a platform that integrates with our current operations and LMS.

I am a coach/clinician who…

Wants to generate profound results, profit, and impact for myself and my clients through a complete ‘business in a box’ model and 8 comprehensive certifications that drive a 6 figure income in the first year.

And in case you were wondering…

This is who we are

If you have come this far, chances are that you might be asking…

Who are we? Why listen to us?

This movement started even before the Power Integration Center was officially created 27 years ago.

For the past 30 years, we have 2-10x companies in 6-24months in over 23 different industries, helped raise $100MM, took 8 of 9 start ups to sales, profitability, sale, or scale in under 18 months.

And after discovering that the power paradox not only worked for enterprises and companies…

We have also delivered our programs to women behind prison walls, in the largest homeless and domestic violence shelter west of the Mississippi, to one of the only family integrated drug courts in the country, to schools, families, couples and individual adult and youth leaders for the past 15 years.

So if you were to ask us who we are…

We are a company that discovered the secret button to human success and who has been successfully implementing it for almost 30 years for thousands and thousands of companies and individuals.


And what we found is that whether you are a trauma survivor, a leader, a company, a parent, a coach, or a clinician…

We have got the secret sauce to unleashing your true self.

What this is all about



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