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Innovative leadership development based on the 4 Principles of Power that consistently drive profit, performance and progressive culture.
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That creates cultures people want to work in, brands people want to buy from, and profitable businesses shareholders invest in.  

Traditional leadership development can be costly, time consuming, and silohed in their approach, yielding shaky, inconsistent results. So we innovated.

Our research proves that when your leaders change the way they make decisions, solve problems, overcome challenges, produce results, or engage in relationships: You change EVERYTHING, and your leadership can adjust to ANYTHING. This is how we train.

4 things Leaders do that kill Profits, Culture and Brand every single time, and what you can do to eliminate them from your leadership culture.

After 2 decades of helping companies 2-10x their revenue, profits and margins in 6-24 months, across 19 different industries, and fixing the same 4 things EVERY SINGLE TIME; we decided to develop innovative leadership programs to help companies avoid these four common killers, and actually produce measurable results when they matter most.

After 10 more years of University backed scientific research, and thousands of leaders from some of the top brands in the world, we’re convinced this might just shift the nature of power on the planet!


Join the Movement!  Be a Power Centered Leadership Company.  

What it means to be a Power Centered Leadership Company. . .

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How do you know if your leaders are leading from Control, rather than Power? And killing your profits, brand, customer relationships, and retention rates. . .

THe one thing that impacts all things.

Our fortune 500 clients, with $100MM or more in P&L’s, often global businesses with thousands of employees, consistently found lack luster leadership development that wasn’t returning a meaningful ROI in results that really mattered.

They invested time, money and energy wondering why their investments weren’t translating to the bottom line, people were disengaged, and the results that mattered most weren’t sticking.  Their leaders lacked the ability to confidently and effectively make decisions, solve problems, and build impactful, authentic relationships.  They felt the investments they had made produced diminishing returns, and the stats that mattered didn’t budge in a meaningful way.  People were leaving, customers were costly, and their bottom line was mediocre at best.  The ROI just wasn’t there.  We gave them a new option.  Evidence shows it works!


Change the way you lead, make decisions, solve problems, overcome challenges, produce results, or perceive, relate to and communicate with yourself and others.   When leaders do these things based on the principles of power, rather than control:

Profits Soar

People Stay 

Performance Thrives 

Are You Leading from Power over Control?

Watch our 4 part video series and find out if control centered leadership is killing your Profits, Brand and Culture.  Know precisely how to determine if you, or your leaders, are leading from a place of Power over Control, and why it matters to your bottom line.

We always fix the same 4 things when doing $100MM turn arounds:    

  1. Accountability
  2. Managing Challenging Team Member Behaviors
  3. Communication
  4. Power Centered Leadership over Control Based Practices

Feeling these pains ourselves, and wanting to move at a faster pace with our clients, we turned leadership development on it’s head, and designed 4 paradigm shifting, principle-based, and deeply robust programs that consistently create:


Prolific Profits

Measurable ROI in Results that Matter

Leaders People Want Work for

Cultures People Thrive in

Brands Customers Want to Buy from

Customer Experiences that Create Repeat Business

A Look Inside our programs

An Innovative Approach that Produces Lasting Results Where they Matter Most
We do development differently and our research based programs produce scientific evidence that it works.  Learn why traditional approaches don’t work, and what we are doing to produce these extraordinary results.

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